Executive Recruitment

Our values and behaviours

Our values form the guiding principles for the way we work. We developed our values and associated behaviours together with staff, service users, carers and their families.

Our five values

Commitment to quality

We demonstrate excellence in all of our activities to improve outcomes and experiences for users of our services, their carers and families and staff.


  • Put service users first.

  • Seek and act on feedback from service users, carers and staff about their experiences.

  • Clarify people’s needs and expectations and strive to ensure they are exceeded.

  • Improve standards through training, experience, audit and evidence based practice.

  • Learn from mistakes when things go wrong and build upon successes.
    Produce and share information that meets the needs of all individuals and their circumstances.

  • Do what you / we say we are going to do.

  • Strive to eliminate waste and minimise non-value adding activities.


We listen to and consider everyone’s views and contributions, maintaining respect at all times and treating others as we would expect to be treated ourselves.


  • Be accessible, approachable and professional.

  • Consider the needs and views of others.

  • Be open and honest about how decisions are made.

  • Observe the confidential nature of information and circumstances as appropriate.

  • Be prepared to challenge discrimination and inappropriate behaviour.

  • Ask for feedback about how well views are being respected.

  • Consider the communication needs of others and provide a range of opportunities to access information.


We engage with staff, users of services, their carers and families, governors, members, GPs and partner organisations so that they can contribute to decision making.


  • Encourage people to share their ideas.

  • Engage people through effective consultation and communication.

  • Listen to what is said, be responsive and help people make choices.

  • Provide clear information and support to improve understanding.

  • Embrace involvement and the contribution that everyone can bring.

  • Acknowledge and promote mutual interests and the contributions that we can all make at as early a stage as possible.

  • Be clear about the rights and responsibilities of those involved.


We promote and support the wellbeing of users of our services, their carers, families and staff.


  • Do everything in our power to protect those who use our services from avoidable harm.

  • Demonstrate responsibility for our own, as well as others, wellbeing.

  • Demonstrate understanding of individual and collective needs.

  • Respond to needs in a timely and sensitive manner or direct to those who can help.

  • Be pro-active toward addressing wellbeing issues.


Team work is vital for us to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of people who use our services. This not only relates to teams within Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust, but also the way we work with GPs and partner organisations.


  • Be honest and open with the people who use our services regardless of the consequences for ourselves.

  • Be clear about what needs to be achieved and take appropriate ownership.

  • Communicate well by being open, listening and sharing.

  • Consider the needs and views of others.

  • Be supportive to other members of the team.

  • Be helpful.

  • Fulfil one’s own responsibilities.

  • Always help the team and its members be successful.