Executive Recruitment

Our mission, vision and goals

Our mission

To improve peoples lives by minimising the impact of mental ill health or a learning disability.

Our vision

To be a recognised centre of excellence with high quality staff providing high quality services that exceed people’s expectations.

Our strategic goals

Strategic goal 1: To provide excellent services working with the individual users of our services and their carers to promote recovery and wellbeing

This means that we make a positive difference to the lives of service users and carers by:

  • supporting individuals to achieve their personal recovery goals
  • delivering safe and effective care (at the right place and right time) that meets individual needs
  • fully engaging people in the development and delivery of their individual care plans
  • ensuring everyone has a positive experience of our services
  • providing high quality, accessible information to help service users manage their own health and care.

Strategic goal 2: To continuously improve the quality and value of our work

This means that we only do things that add value to our customers by:

  • constantly challenging ourselves to improve and learn from experience
  • promoting a culture and providing the tools that empower staff to improve quality and eliminate waste
  • always considering the impact on service users in the design of our processes and development of plans for change
  • having an active programme of applied research and development
  • actively responding to and learning from customer feedback
  • ensuring staff have access to accurate, timely and relevant information.

Strategic goal 3: To recruit, develop and retain a skilled, compassionate and motivated workforce

This means that we are an excellent employer by:

  • promoting a culture where our staff feel engaged and valued
  • ensuring all our staff work in line with the Trust values, behaviours and compact
  • promoting and supporting the health and wellbeing of our staff
  • ensuring we have effective leadership and management throughout the organisation
  • providing appropriate education, training, development and leadership opportunities for all staff
  • providing high quality placements for student health care professionals and trainees as the future workforce.

Strategic goal 4: To have effective partnerships with local, national and international organisations for the benefit of the communities we serve

This means that we work closely with our partners to improve the health and wellbeing of the people we serve by:

  • influencing the development of local and national strategies
  • supporting our commissioners to commission excellent and efficient services that meets the needs of the communities we serve
  • working closely with all GPs and other providers to support them in providing effective healthcare for patients with mental health or learning disability needs
  • working with local authorities to provide personalised services
  • proactively engaging with a wide range of stakeholders on the wider health and social care agenda.

Strategic goal 5: To be recognised as an excellent and well governed foundation trust that makes best use of its resources for the benefits of the communities we serve.

This means that we will be a successful and sustainable organisation by:

  • having effective governance arrangements
  • actively involving governors and members in the work of the Trust
  • having a business and financial planning process which is flexible and responsive to the environment
  • investing in the technology, and facilities that our staff need to maximise productivity
  • ensuring we are the provider of choice of commissioners and the public
  • reducing our carbon footprint.